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A host of actors, including Lucas Adams (ex-Tripp), Marci Miller (ex-Abigail), Sal Stowers (ex-Lani) and Lamon Archey (ex-Eli), have been leaving Salem for the past few weeks, and this week . , Victoria Konefal (Ciara) and Robert Scott Wilson (Ben) say goodbye, but Chief Writer Ron Carlivati ​​(r.) Makes sure it was all a matter of time.

“This is not some kind of mass exit,” the scribe emphasizes. “This is nothing to make people panic. We had a few characters coming out at the same time, but it’s not connected. With some of our actors, their deals show up at the same time, because maybe they made a new deal when we came back from Covid. Yes, we have a few characters who leave around the same time, but it’s not indicative of any major crisis at the show. Some of those actors were rehearsing, it didn’t work out, it cost the show a lot of money for planning, and we decided we needed to leave a few people if they didn’t want to be here full time. ”

Carlivati ​​says he understands the stars ’desire to spread their wings and seek employment elsewhere. “My attitude is, these actors are super talented, they’re young, they want to go see what else they can do. And I think it’s great, but harder for us. But I do think they should go and try. “

One of the challenges, however, is when one of the actors is part of a popular supercouple. “With Victoria, she really just wasn’t available on a regular basis, and in terms of the way our show works and how you have to plan for people, it just became less and less feasible to keep her in that status,” he explains. “So if you’re going to tell a story with a couple, you need these people to be contracted. So since all these different people show up, you have to decide how they come out. And it’s a bit challenging because we had that before when we killed Ciara – the couple is so popular, you want them to have a happy ending, but then that involves removing Rob from the show, which doesn’t necessarily do. wants to leave. So, you’re like, ‘Is the couple leaving at sunset? Makes one half of the couple leave? Is anyone dying? ‘ Half the couple leaving often doesn’t work, like, ‘Oh, is this person going to take a job here?’ Well, how do you tell a story with the other half? Aren’t they supposed to have some kind of love story because their wife or significant other is there elsewhere? It just binds your hands in an impossible way. So is the man dying? These questions always come up and we really struggle with them and they are very difficult. I understand that fans can get upset when their favorite person leaves, but they often don’t understand what it means to repeat themselves. For example, Marci being repetitive or Victoria being repetitive is very different from, for example, certain other characters who repeat themselves occasionally. I won’t go into all the things and outsiders but it’s not at all a fair comparison to say, ‘Well, why is this repeated and this not?’ It depends on the person and their plot, and all of that. “

Although “Cin” sails away in the sunset, they won’t be out of camera for long. “Time is everything,” Carlivati ​​ponders. “We write VERY SALEM at the same time, so we decided, ‘Hey, they’re leaving Salem on July 8th and saying they’ll be arriving in Montreal on July 11th by their sailing ship, and guess who’s there?’ So that’s how we started, and it turned out that they’re leaving Salem and they’re arriving in Montreal, where some of our actions take place the following Monday in TRANS SALEM, so you can perfectly follow their story when they leave the city. ”Regarding Wilson, Carlivati Teases, “Salem didn’t see Rob’s last.”

Eli and Lani’s writing story was similar to Ben and Ciara, he explains. “Lamon was very busy with other shows. He gets a lot of work, which is great, and both he and Sal chose not to sign a new deal. So, again, we decided they would leave town after Lani confessed her part in the death. from her father, and it becomes a question of what will happen to her. So you’ve seen Lani and Eli leave Salem around the same time. “

Carlivati ​​ends by emphasizing that these are challenging decisions for the show to make. “It’s really very difficult for us,” he says. “So many of your favorites are still here to watch, but yes, it’s always painful to lose one person, let alone a few at a time. We’ll introduce one or two new people you’ll see. We’re in no way trying to replace people who go, but it kind of opens up the canvas. And as I said, we love these people, and dead, alive, in prison, whatever it is, we never say never and the door is always open for them to come back. ”

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